Tool of inner calm


Mindfulness for the everyday life

Meditation is a powerful tool that can be learned in just a few steps. With regular practice, mindfulness is sharpened in everyday life. Mindfulness gives inner peace even in challenging times. I also offer meditations online.

For whom? Sufferers, friends of small joys or those who want to become one, for individuals, couples and groups

How? For beginners we start with three introductory sessions. For amateurs we have different meditation methods in our repertoire, which we adapt again and again. We can also put together your desired meditation for an additional charge.

Why meditation? One of the oldest mindfulness exercises in the world. It is used by apnea divers, monks and nuns, ice swimmers and marathon runners, all of whom perform extreme renunciation. But also housewives or housemen, children and elderly people who face their less extreme everyday life will benefit from it.