In 8 steps closer to the Soul


Step by step to the 5th Element

The 8 step process is my creation out of old wisdom, new knowledge, etymology (origin of words), the help of numbers and the experiences of myself.

For whom? Those who want to break out of their habits, those who mourn, those who want to slow down and those who want to change

How? You bring your question (for example "how can I be better husband?" or "what goals are the right ones for me?" etc.) with you or we will develop a suitable question together. Also i will give you insight in my Alchemy. In the next 7 sessions we will devote ourselves to the answers and also go into contact with the ourselves and the universe.

Why the 8 step process? With this method you can learn a lot about yourself. I accompany you competently on this way to the 5th element...your soul!