Harmony of the System


From small to fabulous

There is something going on in every type of family. As a school social worker, father, friend, brother and son, families are particularly important to me. My attitude is clear: the natural authority of an individual should be lived and the needs of the other person perceived. Compromises should flow and make the family landscape fertile.

For whom? Whether married with or without a child, divorced, single parent, siblings, samesex or several generations. Family is more than kinship. Everyone who sees themselves as a life alliance is here in the right place.

How? When working with families, it is very important to respond flexibly and creatively to the needs of the entire system. Together we will find the right mix for your family-harmony.

Why Family-Alchemy? Because the key to harmony lies in the nature of your family. Every family-system has its own harmony. Find out.