Wisdom with no expiration date


From ancient Egypt to central Switzerland


The origins of alchemy can be found in the Egypt of the pharaohs. From the Egyptian gods Horus and Thoth to the Hellenistic Hermes and finally culminating in the legendary Hermes Trismegistus, the trace of alchemy began early on. And a central statement remains:

As above so below, as below so above

Whether in China, Alexandria or Baghdad, scholars around the world practiced the art of transformation. From Ostanes, Democritus, Maria the Jewess, Cleopatra the alchemist, Lü Dongbin, Jabir ibn Hayyān to Isaac Newton in all cultures and religions, alchemy played an important role. One of the most famous alchemists was Swiss and we know him by the name Paracelsus. We owe important things to the alchemists, because alchemy ultimately gave rise to chemistry and other sciences.

I have always been interested in the history of mankind and in this I came across alchemy. And for a long time I have defined life more generously than I learned in school. Here, too, I have found an ally in alchemy. What I like about alchemy is its fundamental respect for nature and a strong relationship with the soul. The soul in all things. Through the world-famous trance master Dr. Stephen Gilligan, I also came across Carl Gustav Jung the Swiss psychoanalyst, who dealt with alchemy himself. This further increased my interest and also strengthened my back. In many hours of self-study I devised my own method of alchemy.

The 4 elements Fire Water Air and Earth play the main role. The focus is on the 5th element.

Our Soul.